A cookie is a little text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device that permits the use of many features. To optimize your experience while browsing the website and give you personalised alternatives, they save user preferences and monitor user trends. Using the browser's parameters, you can also choose whether or not you want cookies enabled for your Browsing the web. By leaving them on, you agree to our use of any personal information that is obtained from our cookies.

Almost all the website or app uses the cookies for tracking data and creating personal experiences to the users. They are also key components to measure the analytics in the right way.

Cookies might be enabled or disabled within the given browsers that indicate the preferences in the given setting section on mobiles. As the cookies have privacy implications, their use requirements can be addressed in Privacy Policy or any website or the app that is using.

Before these files are placed on user device, at bare minimum, you should get the notice to the user. With the various types of cookies, some type of consent and permission whether active or passive, should be contained.

We can alter the Cookie Policy at any time of the year. Any changes will become binding on you and the first use of our site after changes are being made. In the event of such conflict in the current version of Cookie Policy and any type of previous versions, the provisions are in effect should prevail unless and it is stated in other ways.


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